Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don’t take independence for granted — WWII veteran

**Please refer to TheBorneoPostOnline**

VALUE OUR INDEPENDENCE:Philip Mairon who was among those involved in the fight against the Japanese as part of the Australian and British Allied Forces guerrilla members shaking hands with Australia Governer General Quentin Bryce (left) at Sandakan Memorial Service. — Bernama photo

As a war veteran, Philip Mairon would be the best example to educate the young generation on what is independence and how did we obtain it. What I think is, the government should organize some event on creating awareness for the young generation and by inviting war veteran like Philip would be the best candidate to give advice also educate them about the history of our country before independence.

Veterans like Philip will give more impact on delivering the purpose of creating awareness among the young generation as he himself has experienced the war itself. By doing this the younger generation will know what it is about independence and they will be more inspired by the stories and experiences told by war veterans like Philip Mairon. This would be one way for educating the the young generation, but personally I think this one will give more impact. So, we should not take independence for granted and we as young generation should fight and work together to maintain what we have now.


  1. we as young generation should fight and work together to maintain what we have now.-> it is difficult

  2. it is difficult but once achieved will be a satisfaction for everyone... no pain no gain