Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All Telelink outlets in S’wak illegal – Wong

*Please refer to news posted in The Borneo Post Online*

Telelink outlets in Sarawak are too stubborn and still operating openly to the public even though few raids being done by local authorities. Are those Telelink operators didn't get enough of legal action taken on them or did those local authorities didn't punish those operators heavy enough that they still can do business like there's nothing happens before. I am quite curious because when I saw few of those Telelink outlets still operating and the public still can buy lottery tickets as usual, it should be closed and shutdown by now after all the raids few months ago. What I think is that maybe some sort of surveilance should be done to monitor all the outlets (don’t care how it is done) by the local authorities and if possible to caught them redhanded. How will the public view this issues, I’m pretty sure that they are as curious as I am. I don’t think these outlets will be closed/shutdown, if there is no stern action taken onto the operators. So, to the local authorities, I think they should be consistent on doing their jobs by doing some scheduled monitoring on any of these outlets…

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